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An Avocado a Day…

…Keeps the bad cholesterol away?! This is great news for all of us guac-lovers. According to NPR, “new research finds that eating an avocado per day, as part of an overall diet rich in healthy fats, may help cut the … Continue reading

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More Organic Options? Coming Soon!

In a move sure to promote better trade and healthier food options, the U.S. and Europe have agreed to acknowledge each others organic certifications.  In the past there was some disagreement as to exactly what constituted an organic product.  Now … Continue reading

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“Hangry” kids? How nutrition affects children with ADHD

Hey all!   Did you know I’m an NPR Junkie?  It’s true.  And in my normal news cruise today I came across this story. And I’d like to point out, first off, that “hangry”  is the state of being hungry and … Continue reading

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