What is the Local Savings Card at Nature’s Corner?

It is a FREE SAVINGS CARD entitling you to fantastic healthy savings! Come into Nature’s Corner Natural Market and present your Local Savings Card at every time of purchase.

Here are the benefits:

  • You will receive up to 50% OFF all SHELF TAG products that are ON SALE in the store every day!
  • Every 1st Thursday of the month, youll save up to 35% OFF ALL your Nutritional Supplements & Vitamins!
  • Wild Weekly Produce Specials! Every week a different variety of ORGANIC FRUITS & VEGETABLES that are ON SALE every day!
  • 20% off during Special event savings like our new year’s sale, summer sunshine sale celebration, and customer appreciation!

For the local savings card application form, please click here. Just print it, fill it, and bring it over. We’ll give you a local savings card right here on the spot