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Can’t say enough about how nice the staff is. I had a question about the turkeyless Turkey and the non dairy pumpkin pie and the guy who helped me was fabulous. So nice and helpful. The food/juice bar at the back is to die for. Disappointed that they didn’t have any mexicali Mac n cheeze but I got some unchicken salad, which is an absolute necessity for vegans. Everyone’s amazing.

Kelli B.


Juice bar unquestionably the best in the area. Try the wheatgrass and Best Shots. Great salad bar selection for lunch and good raw food section as well. Knowledgeable personnel! Don’t afraid to ask questions!

Yulia P.
Monmouth County, NJ


Drove here on Sunday while looking for a raw juice bar that was open. My favorite juice bar Anna’s Bananas was closed but a quick yelp search directed me to this place. Got the wheat grass shot and the 50/50 and the prices were reasonable.

They have a nice selection of Republic of Tea teas as well and everything at their salad and soup bar and deli counter looks great so this definitely calls for another visit.

Kelli D.
Manchester Township, NJ


Perfect selection of vegetables and also frozen section had all you could ask for! If you need special food for allergies its here and any vitamins you need are here@ I trust the owners and they are very friendly and helpful!

Sarah B.
Newark, NJ


I grew up on the Jersey Shore, and Nature’s Corner has always been my (and my family’s and my friends’) go-to spot for healthy, natural groceries. They’ve got the freshest organic produce, salad bar, and juice/smoothie bar around! Plus the greatest staff. 🙂

Their new “customer empowerment labeling” system is also super cool and helpful. Big stickers show you which items are gluten-free, non-gmo, organic, or local – making the decision process much more convenient.

Emily G.
Ocean Grove, NJ


Love the food and service. Especially the juice and salad bar. We buy all our groceries here!!

Lisa M.
Belmar, NJ


Good morning Nature’s Corner,

I tried the muffins & they are DELISH!!!  ( I believe the orange/cranberry?…super-moist & flavorful) ,but the shazzams are currently the answer for me and everyone I share them with 🙂 ….your entire place is a gem and lifesaver….the salad bar is my go -to during the work week and weekends….your team members have also helped me tremendously with regards to supplements coupled with a little bit of my own research/homework ……’s such a responsibility nowadays to be aware, informed and comfortable with what we consume and the quality/origin of it ( your place solves a lot of that for me)   Anyway thank you for getting back to me and enjoy your day!!!

Vera S.
Manasquan, NJ


Nature’s Corner is an exception natural/organic/health food market. With knowledgeable staff, a great juice bar, great organic and local produce, a salad bar, and so much more. Worth the drive, even for a New Yorker! I only wish there was one just like it in NYC!

Angie V.
Manhattan, NY


I’ve been going to Natures Corner for a while now and their customer service has been consistently outstanding.  The employees are so knowledgeable of the vitamins and their products.  Its always a treat to go in and their smoothies are awesome!!! Plus if you are looking for something that is hard to find in stores, most likely they will have it. One of my favorite stops throughout my day!!!

Steve T.
Manasquan, NJ


This is the only place I will go for food shopping when I’m down at the Jersey Shore. They sure do pack a selection. 5 stars in my book. The staff is awesome and are always more than helpful and knowledgeable.

Bobby P.


Fabulous Market! The organic produce is very fresh and appeals to the eye and stomach! The juice bar is amazing!! I Love my double-shot of Wheatgrass juice and the “special daily juices” too! The prices $$high$$ as most health food stores but it is such as easy-breezy place to shop versus Whole Foods mega-store. The staff seem very happy and always helpful! This is one of THE BEST Natural Food Markets in NJ!

Susan C.
Pennington, NJ


Great selection of organic fruits and vegetables. Diverse frozen food section. The organic salad bar is amazing and their tuna salad sandwiches are addictive! They have a little bit of everything for everyone……so if you have food allergies, vegan or into organic food….come here! I get ALL my supplements here and I trust them. They always give sound advice! They are the real deal!

Jeanne B.
Spring Lake, NJ


Large selection of natural and glutten-free foods and extremely nice and helpful employees. My new favorite store!

Leigh S.
Belmar, NJ


One of the places I miss dearly after moving is Nature’s Corner!

It is a beautiful local grocery where everyone who works there is extremely sweet and helpful.

If there is anything you are looking for, can’t find, or just have a question about, don’t hesitate to ask! Once a girl came up front to explain the difference between two different cheeses that I needed for a recipe. I cannot say enough nice things about the customer service here!

They have a very nice produce section, all organic or locally grown. Their salad bar is delicious, they have a great juice bar/deli, and their prepared food selection is good.

Their packaged goods selection is fabulous, and they have dry food dispensers with nuts, flax, etc…

In the back of the store by the juice bar they have spice dispensers containing a wide variety! This is great because sometimes you just need a dash of this or that and may never need it again.

They have a great selection of vitamins and supplements too.

Although this store is a little overpriced on items that you can find in your local Shoprite, it’s really nice to shop local and know that the money is being filtered back into the community.

Danielle Elyse L.
Hoboken, NJ


Here’s comes some gratitude to The Corner!

I love you guys. I love shopping at your store. I like receiving the fliers in my inbox, and I especially love the new layout for your new website.

It’s clean, and easy to read even on my iPhone.

Thanks for being awesome!


Anastacia C.


I wanted to drop you a note to tell you that over the last few months I have been to every “health” food store in our area looking for the right place for me. Today I came to Nature’s Corner and “WOW” what a pleasant experience. Your staff are not only abundant, but friendly and helpful. It was nice too, I noticed they knew most of your customers by name. I only had a few minutes today but will be back soon. I would love to sit down for a consultation next time too!!!

Denise B.


Unbelievable.  Nature’s Corner has everything you need in a health food store and more.  If you need something, they are more than welcomed to help you track it down or even order it.  Great salad bar, always fresh.  Smoothies and wraps are awesome and the girls behind the corner whip them up fast if you are on a quick lunch break.

Nature’s corner is one of those places you go out of your way to make at least one weekly visit just because of the great food and wonderful staff.   They have weekly specials on items like other groceries so you can try new things because of the great price.

If you are a local, take a look and see!

Stacy P.


Ed and Staff:

Many years ago I used to go to a electronics store by the name of Lafayette Electronics and what impressed me most about this store was that every person was friendly and every department had a lot of knowledge as to what was being sold. Unfortunately that store is no longer around and now we have a lot of stores with untrained and unfriendly people. Not so in your store

First my wife and I would like to thank you for the time you spent with us and with taking all the supplements and food we are eating is making a difference. It has gotten to the point that we don’t want to go out to eat as either we eat in or come by to get soup or a wrap or something else.

Second as I said above about the electronics store this is the way we find it in Natures Corner. The people are trained, knowledgeable, friendly and overall just willing to help and most times with a smile depending how busy they are of running around. I am glad we found Natures Corner and look forward to many years of shopping there.

Bob and Michelle W.


Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for having such a wonderful
staff! I don’t get to shop at Nature’s Corner very often but when I visit my
mother in Belmar I always try to make a trip to the store.

I have been shopping at independent health food stores for most of the last twenty years
and I have yet to find another store with such a great vibe. It is such a pleasure being  greeted with the genuine smiles of the young ladies at the register every time I walk in and it is so rare to see a staff create such a feeling of community and joy.

This Tuesday had been a very stressful day for me as I was dealing with doctors appointments for my elderly mother who is having some serious health problems. Just walking in the store I felt so much positivity from your staff that it changed my day completely!

I needed quite a bit of help with some supplements and finding groceries to suit my mothers new strict diet of low acid, gluten and dairy free. It was an overwhelming task and I was so happy to have the support of the staff at Natures Corner. The young lady who helped me with supplements was so informative and incredibly patient with all the questions my mom had and even helped us with some other online resources she could use during this lifestyle change.

I worked in human resources for a large retailer for fifteen years and finding staff the makes your customers feel good in such a genuine way is not an easy feat. Thank you Natures Corner!

Ellen R.


To our delicious gluten free food friends–

We baked and cooked in advance and we also opened and enjoyed ready-to-eat donated products right at the picnic!!  And participants enjoyed leaving with a variety of gluten free goodies and mixes.  So many of us commented on how much better gluten-free food has become over the years!

We gladly distributed any information you included with your donation, and we compiled a list of all of our vendors who donated product & asked participants to reach out with their own feedback & thank yous.  I hope they follow up.

Again, thank you for your support!!

Dawn T.
Celiac Picnic


Dear Ed Levy,

Thank you for your generous support of our Academy of Finance Fashion Show. Together we were able to raise enough money to support many scholarships. Your efforts are greatly appreciated by the Academy students.


Joe T.


Dear Ed,

I want to say “thank you” for all your help over the years. Whenever I had a question, you were there to answer it for me and always gave such good nutritional advise too. Your store is one of helpful, positive & upbeat employees that always have a smile – how wonderful is that in today’s busy & crazy world!!!

Happy to see you & Nature’s Corner are receiving newspaper & media coverage to share the words of good health & nutrition.

Your website music #1 is very relaxing when surfing for vitamin ingredients, product information, and recipes on your website. I’m sure your Optimal Diet & Essential “5” have been so helpful to so many people.

Thanks again Ed,
Sue B.



Thank you for the phone call/voice mail yesterday, after reading my email. I have a horrifically busy week and a equally busy weekend but I plan to review your diet suggestions and begin that right away next week. I’ll be in touch as to my progress and again thank you for the help. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, your my savior! Thank you again, it’s nice to know you care.

Be Well,
Kelly O.
Eatontown, NJ


Hello Ed~

I just wanted to thank you for carrying those stainless steel containers a while back. I bought one 2 years ago and now I never come to a salad bar or take home leftovers or even order take-out fries from my local deli without it! When I bring it to your store to fill it up with fabulous salad or deli selections your employees thank me for doing so.

Please carry them again so that others may get hooked on stylish reuse too! Maybe some stainless steel or bamboo utensil sets too?

Thank you for your time— in good health-

Stephanie Neuhaus
ps. I found some really neat items at



I recently moved to New Jersey and have already developed a certain fondness for your store…keep up the great work.

Jennifer S.


Recently I had the pleasure of stopping in the store, and at the deli I purchased some “BBQ” Chicken. It was made with a small stick inside to imitate a bone, and was basted in some lovely sauce. I would like to compliment whomever it was who made that special because I cannot stop wanting to have it again.

Is there any way possible for you to provide me with the recipe? It was hands down some of the best food I ever ate and I would love to be able to recreate it myself if possible.

Keep up the good work.

Rex D.
Highland Park, NJ


Last night I was in the store for the cooking class and had the opportunity to meet with Ed… Thank you again for a YUMMY spicy peanut soba noodle dish, and spinach dish as well, your staff and store was a wonderful experience and I hope to be able to make your store a regular stop.

Kelly O.
Eatontown, NJ



I am originally from Monmouth County and now live in Pennsylvania. I have
not visited your store, but my niece is a loyal customer and raves about
your store. She loves the gluten-free products that you sell. After hearing her comments, I had to check out your website. It looks quite impressive. I wish I had a store like yours near my home. I would love to visit the next
time I am visiting with my family.

Thanks so much,
Donna C.



I am now actually in Savannah, but spent this past winter up at my parents house in Spring Lake I love your store and when I am there, do most of my shopping at Natures Corner….

Thanks for helping Spring Lake to be a healthier place for all!!



To Ed Levy and Staff,

For all that you have done
For all that you will do
Thank you for being there
Thank you for being you!
Your Thoughtfulness Meant a Lot!

Esther and Monica M.


Dear Ed,

What can we say? G-d Bless you always, and in all ways! To add to the above and to quote a true friend: “Only the best of everything for you, Ed”.

We both want to thank you a hundredfold for the order delivery this past Tuesday. You actually saved my life with the berries and yogurt and mar’s with the organic orange juice.

Then I reach for my strawberries and yogurt for a truly light and welcoming collation.

Ed, you came to our rescue – G-d Love You! I must retain or, rather recapture my health and do all I can do to live for my darling Mario. He needs me and I surely need him, and we both need Nature’s Corner and our wonderful Ed and his highly efficient staff. G-d Bless each of you!- “Only the best of everything always”.

Merci-a Hundredfold!

Most Gratefully,
Mario and Irene S.


Dear Ed,

I just wanted to thank you and tell you that you have such a GREAT store. I have so many severe food allergies and therefore are very limited. Your store not only carries a wide variety of items that I am able to purchase, but you sell so many items that I have not even heard of, nor do any other health food stores carry!

But most importantly, your staff is extremely knowledgeable and VERY helpful. I have never been to a health food store, nor any type of store for that matter, where the staff was so pleasant and so helpful.

I am very glad that you decided to expand your business. Even though I live in Tinton Falls, near many health food stores, I continue to make the trip to your store on a regular basis. J

Jodi (the spelt pretzel girl J)


Dear Mr. Ed Levy,

I want to thank you personally for the time you spent with me in regards to my 3 year old son, Alex. Since we can remember he has had recurring sinus infections and chronic cough. After just one week of incorporating the supplements and diet changes you recommended his condition has completely cleaned up. Thank you so much for guidance and expertise.

James P.
Wall, NJ


Dear Ed and your Wonderful Staff,

Your place is really like no other! Until you opened here, we really must have starved. Let’s See… My Favorites must be the Broadway Berry Smoothie and the Wild Salad Bar. The store is always so clean. How do you do it? Can you come clean my house? Anyway, you’re always so friendly. Love the Organic Produce, Newman’s Own Cookies and I’m one of the 1st in on Fridays for the Raw Goodies. I just love it – period.

Really Yours,
Julie B.
Avon, NJ


Hey you guys!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for the incredible job you are doing! My family depends on your store so much for all of our Organic Produce and Groceries. Nobody cares for Produce like Pat Griffin. She really loves it and it shows. The girls up front are always so friendly and we love your Gluten-Free selections.

Have a Beautiful day and keep sharing that contagious happy energy!

Denise M.
Brielle, NJ


Dear Staff at Nature’s Corner,

I just wanted to thank you for entering me in your customer of the month contest. It was wonderful to win. I was so surprised!

I enjoy shopping weekly and\or bi-weekly because everyone is so friendly, happy, helpful, and courteous.

The Produce is always fresh and other organic products are wonderful too. The bar in the back makes great drinks and you vegan take-out foods are terrific!

Thanks Again!! I’ll see you all soon.

Debbie K.
Spring Lake Heights, NJ


Dear Ed,

I am a daily customer. I buy all of my food, supplements, and natural incidentals at your store. It is my only food store, as I have given up Shop Rite and I find all that I need at Nature’s Corner. As you know, it cost more money to eat organically. Although the health benefits and taste are two reasons I eat the foods I buy at Nature’s Corner, the people you employee is what keeps me coming back in day after day.

Pat and Jane keep your store running so smoothly, like a well oiled machine. There efforts are obvious to any regular customer. Ryan is another backbone to your operation, and his new bride and Robbie are so sweet. It is so refreshing to be greeted and chat with them.

The newest addition, Nina, was so kind to me last week. I had sat down, after a long day, to enjoy my daily Wildwood Yogurt, during the start of a wicked thunderstorm, to find my newly purchased case to be sour. By no one’s fault, the heat had gotten the best of my case. Disappointed I came out in the thunderstorm, to return it and get something else for dinner. Nina was so kind and insisted she pay out of her green, little wallet for my dinner. She said she felt badly I had to come out in the storm at 8 pm, and wanted to treat me as she would have wanted to be treated in the situation.

I will never forget her act of kindness, nor any of my friends, I have mentions in this letter. Their generosity and kindness will be returned to them in many ways and I will look at them lovingly with respect and a smile for, hopefully, years to come.

Colleen P.
A Grateful and Loyal Customer.


Dear Nature’s Corner Staff,

Since I found you guys, my life has changed oh so for the better! What an amazing place. I come in everyday for my organic soup and salad, and a fresh juice. I love your organic produce and vegan choices. Ryan and Jane always help me find exactly what I’m looking for. It is so much fun and everything is so healthy and delicious! Keep up the great work.

I love you guys,
Maggie P.
Spring Lake, NJ


Dear Ed Levy,
Just wanted to let you know that I couldn’t be happier that you folks are located just down the street. I try to get there two to three times a week for a salad or a wrap for lunch. My frequent visits have resulted in healthier eating and an increased sense of wellness. All of your employees are very friendly, courteous and knowledgeable but I really love Robbie, she’s the bomb.

Thank for being there,
Ray D.
Wall, NJ