Staff Pick: Honey Drop Manuka Honey Gingerade

Mattie’s Staff Pick this week is her go-to beverage when she starts to feel a little under the weather or just needs a pick-me-up…Honey Drop Manuka Honey Apple Ginger Gingerade! Manuka Honey — often called nature’s antibiotic — hails from the red and white trees of New Zealand. Unlike other honeys with antibacterial qualities, Manuka comes packed with methylglyox-al (MG), a powerful compound that can help you resist infections.

Two cold-pressed fuji apples, one lemon, an ounce of ginger and a tablespoon of Manuka Honey later, this elixir will have you feeling great in no time! Come on in and give it a try today here at The Corner. You’ll find it in our grab n’ go section next to the juice bar! 🙂

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