coconut vinegarYou’ve probably heard a ton about the benefits of apple cider vinegar, but have you heard about coconut vinegar? In case you haven’t, coconut vinegar is making a splash in the health world for its many health and beauty benefits. Luckily, we have Coconut Secret’s Raw Coconut Vinegar right here at The Corner!

The sap from the coconut tree is aged for 8 months to one year, during which time it naturally ferments. It is then harvested and bottled as vinegar, a mixture with incredible health benefits. The sap is very low glycemic and is an abundant source of 17 amino acids (important for the formation of hemoglobin), minerals, vitamin C, broad spectrum B vitamins and has a nearly neutral pH.

So how do you use coconut vinegar? It’s simple. You can use coconut vinegar the same ways you use apple cider vinegar. Add it to your salad dressings, mix it with a tablespoon of water and take it on an empty stomach, brush it through your hair before rinsing 20-30 minutes later, use it to tone your face and so much more. Pick some up from Nature’s Corner today!  🙂