We Love CHIA!

Introducing the amazing CHIA! This is my new favorite seed! And wait until you see the way it gels up when you mix it with your favorite juice..it’s like a delicious high-fiber JELLO! Have you tried adding it when visiting our fresh juice bar or stopping by the refrigerator for a Chia Pod for a quick, nutritious breakfast? I highly recommend it…you’ll be getting a healthy dose of fiber, protein, calcium, manganese, phosphorus, and anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats.

And wait, there’s more!! They also improve your digestion, strengthen teeth and bones, fight belly fat, and improve your heart health.

So sprinkle away! They can be eaten whole, milled, or sprouted and are tasteless, so they won’t affect the flavor of your food.

And for all you Chia lovers, we stock organic Chia in our bulk department for some seriously awesome Chia savings!