Can the Bs Help the Blues?

Did you know studies show lower levels of the B complex vitamins in individuals suffering from depression? It’s interesting to think about but it makes you wonder which came first, the depression or the deficiency.  As anyone who’s struggled with depression can tell you, eating right is often pretty low on the list of priorities.  It gets crowded out by a host of other concerns.

There are a number of factors that could prevent the body from properly utilizing the B vitamins it does get.  Celiac and Crohn’s disease, for instance, often impair the absorption of vitamins and minerals.  Many of the B vitamins are found in highest concentrations in animal products so vegans and vegetarians have to be careful to get their Bs from other places.  And then there’s just plain old processed food replacing whole grains and the nutrients normally found there.

Does all this mean that taking a B complex vitamins supplement will magically cure depression?  Of course not.  Could eating a well-balanced diet tailored to your specific health needs help lift some of the symptoms?  Quite possibly.  Here’s the article from the Mayo Clinic.  Take a look for yourself.  When you’re ready, we’ve got some wonderful B vitamin-rich foods like our grass-fed Angus meats (See yesterday’s post) and wild caught fish, not to mention plenty of organic green and leafy goodness and a wide range of B in a bottle right here at Nature’s Corner.  See you soon!

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