GMOs, Monsato and… The Government???

Here’s yet another tip-off from our ever on top of things produce manager, did you know  that Michael R. Taylor, the former Vice President for Public Policy at Monsanto is now an advisor to FDA Commissioner Margaret A. Hamburg on food safety?  “Wait”, you say, “the same Michael R. Taylor who was once a lawyer/lobbyist for Monsanto and responsible in a large part for helping to pass GMOs into our food supply without testing or labeling?”  Yes, the same.

Now I know some of you are still hearty optimists, believing people can keep their professional functions separate, thus assuming appointment isn’t a conflict of interests. For that I applaud you.  Now for the rest of us, let’s devote just a little time to thinking about why this might be a problem. Monsanto is the leader in bioengineering seeds and foodstuffs.  They’ve been lobbying for years to get the government to let these new products into the food supply and, for the most part, have been pretty successful.  n almost every other country in the world GMOs are regulated.  Right now in the U.S. there aren’t even labeling laws in place to allow consumers to choose non-GMO products.  These policies are influenced by the corporations behind all the bioengineering, specifically their lobbyists and their money.

Perhaps it’s almost a perverse step in the right direction to appoint a high ranking member of the industry that’s subverting our right to make choices about our food to the agency charged with protecting our food.  At least now we know who’s running the show.  If you take issue with this turn of events, you’re not alone.  Here’s a link to a petition opposing this appointment from If you want to make your voice heard, here’s a place to start.


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